10 facts about Honda BENLY 90S

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Honda Benly 90s depended on the Super Cub, another 90cc engine bike that was significantly more popular. Those 90cc pumped out eight horsepower, taking into consideration a top speed of up to 65mph when guided by a little rider. 90 mpg was effortlessly conceivable, making this an economical (and delightful) commuter bike, the length of you don’t have to invest any energy in the freeway!


This particular Honda Benly 90s has a distinctive characteristic (one that you won’t discover on the S90) – a rotary transmission. For those of you that are unfamiliar, a rotary transmission doesn’t stop once you hit the best gear you can upshift again to get to impartial, and after that have admittance to either first or fourth!


Designed to extra you the inconvenience of shifting the distance down to first from fourth when you were grinding to a halt, we felt like this transmission was requesting trouble.

There’s a couple of little cosmetic issues – overlooking the slight chrome setting, it is by all accounts missing the chain cover. However, it comes with the front fender that many riders have scrapped, and additionally an aftermarket set of cafe bars.

Honda Benly 90s has only 319 miles!

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