10 benefits of Honda CL70

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After the journey “to life” Suzuki GN 125 a few months ago, he again carried out a new task, although easy to difficult. It is the rebuilding of a racing code almost the same as the Honda CL 70.

According to my understanding, this car almost no in Vietnam. It was used by Japan for European countries. Therefore, it is quite difficult for me to find the spare parts to rebuild.

Period Honda CL70 existence

The Honda CL70 has been in existence from 1969 until 1973. The Honda CL70, which is similar to the Honda CL70, is not Japanese. I quite like her. Therefore, I decided to rebuild a hybrid model between the domestic model CL50 and model CL 70 1971.

The speed of Honda CL70

Honda CL70 are fast in running and many people prefer this Honda CL70 for their journey and leisure. Honda CL70 also consume less fuel as compared to other types of motorbikes available in the market of They are also cheap to control at every time of operation.

Honda CL70 photo - 1
Honda CL70 photo - 2
Honda CL70 photo - 4
Honda CL70 photo - 7
Honda CL70 photo - 9
Honda CL70 photo - 10


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