10 facts why Honda CR85R stands out among many racing bikes

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This is a super dirt bike that is equipped with an 84.7 cc, single cylinder and a 2 stroke engine (bore and stroke; 47.5 mm X 47.8 mm) with a compression ratio of 8.4:1.


This makes this bike to have faster revolutions and produces a huge amount of power on the powerbands at the top and middle and this makes it more ideal for bike racers.

Honda CR85R also has a 16 inch rear wheel and a 19-inch front wheel with a long pivoted fork. This feature allows the bike to handle the continuous bike shakes while racing and also raises the seat height.

The large wheels allow the bike to sustain landing from high-level grounds, stability, and grip of the bike while racing.


It has a 28mm carburetor that enhances good throttle responses and a maintenance-free CD ignition. Honda CR85R has a smooth clutch that makes it stand out among many racing bikes that are in the market.

It has a close ratio six-speed transmission with brakes in the front and rear wheel that are both single discs.

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