Honda CREA SCOOPY I – 10 things to know about the famous Metropolitan

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Honda Crea Scoopy i is a well-known scooter around the world, completely manufactured by Honda. It is famous for its several different names among various countries, like Metropolitan which is its US name, Jazz for Canadians, the Scoopy for Australia or the Crea Scoopy in the East Asia.


Honda Crea Scoopy i has a classic Vespa-inspired styling. Although, it features a bit more modern parts. With its coating cylinder engine, it can reach a maximum speed of 40 mph (65 km/h).

Crea Scoopy has an incredible gas mileage for its engine size, just about 110 mpg on an open road and around 90 mpg on city streets (2.1-2.9 L/100 km).


Honda Crea Scoopy i is practical city vehicle indeed. Quite small, but spacious enough for your basic needs, with the large center compartment below the seat which can be locked. It’s made to hold a helmet, but still, have some place left for additional stuff you may carry with you.

Another great feature is, locking of the handle bars. Wheels can be locked at 45-degree angle in order to make it immovable going forward.

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