10 reasons to buy Honda CX650 TURBO

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Honda took control of the Honda CX650 TURBO block. Compression was increased relative to the CX500 but power than the standard Honda CX650 TURBO version.

At the same time, Honda also screwed back turbo pressure, although the machine got a slightly larger IHIturbo.

The power of Honda CX650 TURBO

The result should be there. With its power of 100 hp, the Honda CX650 TURBO was able to handle just about every superbike of the early 80’s. The machine was generally good, but the Honda CX650 TURBO was not suitable for real sporting use.

For that reason the chassis might be a bit too rigid. There was no longer a turbo hole like the Honda CX650 TURBO. The machine was just a lot more enjoyable.

Technical information Honda CX650 TURBO

It has a Water-cooled engine, pressurized (turbo) four-stroke four-stroke V-twin with four valves per cylinder. It has an Electronic injection which is used in Fuel supply. It has a Cylinder capacity of 674 cc.

It has Drilling x stroke of 82 x 63.5 mm. A maximum torque of 93 Nm to 6000 rpm. It has a Maximum power of 100 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. It has Open bridge frame. Front suspension of air suspension conventional Showa anti-dive fork, 130 mm road.

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