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Honda ST1300 is a sports touring bike which is manufactured by Honda.and was released in year 2002. It is a robust, heavy and strong motorcycle with heavy engine and also full of luxury whether it is with it foam seat or it is with its overall design.

It is specially designed for those who loves a bad boy look and also prefers a comfortable and relaxing journey while traveling a very longer distance.


It has a liquid cool 1832 cc V4 engine with strong dual hydraulic Disc brake. It weight around 703 lbs which is equivalent to its predecessor Honda st 1100. The only difference lies in its weight distribution.

The design of its fuel tank and engine layout shifts around 600 lb to its downward portion. A flat 6 cylinder 1832 cc engine with 160 horsepower gives an inspiring and intriguing riding experience.

Manufactured by one of the most renowned brand of the world,it is capable of giving most pleasurable and smooth riding experience with relatively less fuel consumption.

Big screen appearances

Honda ST1300 is stylish enough to be found in movies. It can be found in Goal 2,living the dream, vantage point and get smart.

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