One might probably hear a saying: four wheels are for you convenience, two wheels are for your soul. There is hardly a man who has never dreamed of horse made of steel. If you are looking for some really Honda XR50 MOTARD, our website is for you.

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The honda xr50 motard is newly launched morbike that are airecooled. They feature other traits like OHC single cylinder engines, 4 stroke and 5 speed return transmission that allows the rider to experiencethe fun of changing gears. Here are some of the benefits of honda xr50 motard.

High driving performance

Honda xr50 motard has disc brakes at the and back Which provide the motard with an outstanding and brakes control. It also has alumni cast wheels at the front and rear which sums up to its high driving performance.

Honda XR50 MOTARD photo - 1

Easy use for beginners

Honda xr50 motard is easy to control as its intake and exhaust settings in the engines result in responsive, low to mid range performance with easy control. Its five speed transmission delivers the fun of gear changing and allows the rider to select the optimum gear for the driving condition.

Honda XR50 MOTARD photo - 2

Improved straight line stability

Honda xr5o motard employ the diamond type pipe frame made popular in Ape series. The newly designed rear swing arm is forty millimeters which improves the honda xr50 motard stability.

Honda XR50 MOTARD photo - 3

Easy to straddle riding position

Honda xr50 motard has a compact styling. it has a slim fuel tank, V-shaped front meter visors and two tone seats which makes it to achieve an easy to straddle riding position.

Honda XR50 MOTARD photo - 4
Honda XR50 MOTARD photo - 5

Honda XR50 MOTARD photo - 8

Honda XR50 MOTARD photo - 11

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