Hyosung RT125D – an all-new go dirt road romping bike

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Hyosung has revealed its Hyosung rt125d, an all-new go dirt road romping bike at the 2014 Auto Expo. RT 125D get a four stroke, one cylinder air cooled engine that is combined with a five-speed gearbox.

The engine can convey most extreme power yield of 13.5 hp.


Hyosung rt125d measures2,185 mm long and 1,125 mm in height. It gets the wheelbase and ground freedom of 1,430 mm and 230 mm separately. It incorporates telescopic forks for the front suspension and mono shock suspension with swing arm at the back.

It gets circle brake at the front side and drums brake at the back.


Hyosung rt125d top speed is 150 Km/h. The RT 125D is a quirky and amusing to ride on and rough terrain driver from Hyosung. We take it for a turn and kick up some soil while we’re busy.

Korea, a land celebrated for its Kimchi, Tae kwon do and, of late, its global melodic marvel, Gangnam style, is a nation that is known to stray out of the way from time to time.

Last word

In this manner when Hyosung showcased the RT125D prototype at 2014 Auto Expo, a couple of eyeballs were flown because of its original plan. This is the reason, when we got a call from Hyosung educating us that the RT125D was prepped and prepared for us, a Gollum-like smile spread over our countenances.

Hyosung RT125D photo - 1
Hyosung RT125D photo - 6
Hyosung RT125D photo - 8
Hyosung RT125D photo - 11


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