10 adventiges of Kawasaki KH125

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The Kawasaki KH125 is equipped with the spur-proof chassis, which consists of a central tube frame with a simple base. While an oil-deadened telescopic fork with a spring travel of 110 mm is installed at the front, it is hydraulically cushioned spring struts, which provide a good ride comfort with a spring travel of 70 mm.

How Kawasaki KH125 works

Should it ever be necessary to restrain the forward thrust of the nimble 125s, a cable-driven, strong-wiping disc brake in the front and a simplex drum brake in the rear ensure effectively the desired deceleration.

Fuel consumption Kawasaki KH125

The KH125 drivers were less enthusiastic about the high level of fuel consumption and the lack of chain protection. Also the Dunlop-Pneus mounted with the original delivery did not exactly excite enthusiasm storms.

A pleasant surprise, however, caught the attention of buyers at a glance at the price list. For the 2,595 German Marks advertised there, modestly equipped light-duty bicycles of the 50s class were available in the exhibition rooms of other manufacturers.

In any case, there was still enough money left to meet the new regulations of the road traffic regulations and to afford a smart head protection in the form of a motorcycle helmet.

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