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Kymco RACING KING 180I MOTOCAM is a no non sense scooter that has all it need to keep you out of trouble when you have to deal with the city traffic. It is just 1931mm long and 745mm wide, and along with powerful engine this dimension helps in escaping fastly even in congested street.


This scooty has a brilliant pickup and an average top peed of 68mile/hr, hence called as a racing king. It was all possible due to its engine.It has a strong 4 stroke OHC engine with liquid cooling system, which transfers its power to the ground by means of a CVT automatic transmission.

The engine is fueled by petrol which get stored in a petrol tank of capacity 7.5 liter.The body of the scooty is a double cradle frame which sits on a pair of light aluminum 12 inch rims which are wrapped in 120/70-12 front and 130/70-12 rear wheels.


The dry weight of the scooty is 139 kg and it has a strong front and rear disk break system. This scooty was launched in the year 2014 and since then it has dominated the market.

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