Sym dd50: a very comfortable Scooter

One might probably hear a saying: four wheels are for you convenience, two wheels are for your soul. There is hardly a man who has never dreamed of horse made of steel. If you are looking for some really Sym dd50: a very comfortable Scooter, our website is for you.

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A very useful scooter, easy to use, affordable for everyone, light and comfortable in large cities. Many features for a practical but safe driving.

In fact, the Sym DD50 is a scooter with two start modes: the automatic and the pedal one, with self-lubrication for an always efficient and functioning start. It has everything you need: a tachometer, the front console with all the symbols to keep the oil, gas, water and temperature levels and speed under control.

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It is not a very heavy vehicle, only 80 kg of weight but manageable with a fluid design, to be used in large cities where traffic is inevitable. Front brake with a hydraulic disc that differentiates from the mechanical one to be more powerful and resistant, guaranteeing you a safe braking; the back one is a drum.

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A particularity of this bike is the continuously variable transmission, what does it mean? Also called transmission without a gearbox, it allows changing the gearbox while the vehicle is moving so that the driver does not distract himself to change gear.

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The range of colours is vast, customizable according to your tastes. The seat is very comfortable, in imitation leather and has a secret hideaway, an object holder where you can comfortably store your helmet or other effects.

Why choose the Sym dd50

Furthermore, the flexibility of a CVT with adequate control can allow the input axis to maintain a constant angular velocity even when the output speed varies. It allows you to take the curves more comfortably or sneak into the narrowest streets or better still park where you least expect it.

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This scooter is perfect not only for adults who want to move comfortably in their own city but also for young drivers or young female students. This is why this scooter makes him a perfect ally for every family and need.
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