Why Yamaha BW80 is so incredible?

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Yamaha BW80, also fondly remembered as the Yamaha Big Wheel, is a 1986 motorcycle model.It usually comes in three different displacements,notably the 80,200 and 350cc.

Due to its unique features such as the big tires,it is mostly used as a learner bike.


The Yamaha BW80 works well as an off-road motorcycle and can be rode on rough terrains and muddy paths.This is possible due to its huge wheels and 3-speech transmission.

Its motors are very effective and really durable hence a favorite for riders of all ages.The spare parts are also not hard as they are cheap and easy to find since it shares most features with other Yamaha bikes.


The Yamaha BW80 is well known to older folks as it is an 80s bike and was usually used to train kids on how to ride.It is a really effective bike which is not only durable and effective but also easy to ride.

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