Review of the legendary Yamaha TX650

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The Yamaha TX650 is proof that persistence and perseverance are worthwhile if you are convinced to be on the right track. The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, founded by a piano maker, was on the right track in the late 1960s.

The Yamaha TX650 had created a highly innovative new model that was not available in this form before.

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Driving Yamaha TX650

If modern drive was used to drive the drive system, they were consistently implemented, but the driving force behind the “conventional” frame and chassis construction fell short of expectations.

This resulted in frighteningly low sales figures, which in 1972 led to the discontinuation of the model. With bonds with Horex, NSU and Triumph and Norton on the other hand, a combination of Japanese functionality and manufacturing quality resulted in a new, powerful engine concept, which was stopped by the start of the triumph.

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Development of Yamaha TX650

The Yamaha TX650 was developed from the promising, but still untarnished Yamaha XS 1 / XS 2 within a year and a half years of meticulous work. With its outstanding driving performance.

The Yamaha TX650 was hardly recognizable in comparison to the predecessor, although it was optically almost unchanged. Nippon-Classic reports in the article about the Yamaha XS 1 about the exact changes from this development phase.

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