10 reasons you should buy Yamaha YB125

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Yamaha YB125 is a street mortocycle that is manufactured in Japan.


It used in various ways such as travel,recreation and also for educative purposes among others.Just like other types,the Yamaha YB125 has various specifications in engine,perfomance ,chassis,and also dimensions.

This kind of motorcycle is cheap and also consumes less fuel per a given distance covered.To add on ,its spare parts are cheap.Therefore its cheap and affordable to most people.

Features of Yamaha YB125 mortocycle

  • It is a standard type of bike that is self started or sometimes started by a kick.
  • Yamaha YB125 uses the petrol fuel.
  • It is in various colours such as red, black and even red & black.
  • The brake system of Yamaha YB125 is good and so this allows one to drive it on any landscape of his or her choice
  • The engine of Yamaha YB125 is good as it has enough power, and good air circulation.
  • Has a good seat that ensures comfortability of whowever is using it.

Yamaha YB125 photo - 1
Yamaha YB125 photo - 2
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Yamaha YB125 photo - 10
Yamaha YB125 photo - 11


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